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Covalent Services

Full Service Label and Production

Artists MGMT

Covalent Records provides full service artist management solutions for a variety of music business clients ranging from alternative, electronic, indie, hip-hop, jazz and folk.

Festival Production

CMG produces many Events, Festivals and Concerts throughout the year that focus around Music and Technology experiences.

Strategic Marketing

From in-house creative, marketing, sponsorship and production teams, we execute high quality festival experiences that range from small and intimate to big and epic.

Brand Development

Our driving philosophy is developing Bands as Brands. Bringing an Artists' story to life and connecting with fans.

Venue MGMT

CMG provides a full range of facility management and operations consulting. Our broad range of management services can be customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

Talent Booking

We contract A-list Artists with local venues and promoters for niche opportunities in the Minneapolis, San Francisco and Austin markets.

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